Images Of The Land

Displayed here are various images from the Mushy Lake properties. Click on an image to enlarge it.
This photo shows one of the CCC red pine plantations. This plantation was thinned in 1997 by removing every other row of trees. The tops were cleared from the space between these two rows for a trail. 
To take this shot I was standing on the NE corner of Mushy Lake. Near the shore in this area is a hummock where the loons nest.
The loons sharing a romantic moment.
The North 40 - actually 36 acres - has abundant patches of blueberries and blackberries as well as literally acres of raspberries.
A view of the creek to the north. Traveling this way via canoe will take you to the Wisconsin River. The determined traveler could eventually reach the Mississippi delta.
The Bat Tower is always a source of fascination for visitors. Although it is currently not functioning, internet sources reveal that at one time hundreds of bats were seen exiting.