The Renewable Energy Home

Displayed here are various images from our renewable energy powered home on Mushy Lake. Click on an image to enlarge it.
A good portion of the power for Mushy Lake is derived from solar energy.  This photo shows twelve Kyocera 120W photovoltaic panels mounted on a Wattsun tracker. The tracker automatically follows the brightest point in the sky. Use of a tracker can increase daily output by more than 30 percent.
Twelve more Kyocera 120W solar panels are mounted on the roof.
This is a bank of 16 Concord AGM Sun Xtender batteries.  These absorbed glass mat batteries are sealed and maintenance free. Hydrogen gassing is negligible - we do not use a venting system. The downside is that these batteries are costly. (I have read that AGMs were used on the Stealth Bomber).
This is the power center which controls battery charging and the conversion of DC electricity produced by the photovoltaic panels into AC electricity used throughout the house. Excess electricity is sold to the utility for the retail price. On a sunny day our utility meter often spins in reverse.
The generator. What happens when utility power is out for an extended period and the sun refuses to shine? You switch on this Generac II. The generator runs on Liquefied Propane.
Mushy Lake has an abundant energy resource in  fallen timber. This is a Central Boiler outside wood burning boiler. The boiler is filled with half RV antifreeze and half water. It will burn any kind of wood. The wood box contains a secondary combustion chamber which acts like a catalytic converter to reduce emissions.
We use a Takagi TK-1 Flash On-Demand water heater. It meet all of our needs, uses little gas, and takes up a lot less real estate in the basement. Output is approximately 5 GPM @ 140'F.
This is a shot showing the inlet and outlet of the water-air heat exchanger inserted in the outlet duct of the existing gas furnace.