Welcome To Mushy Lake

Glad you could make it. Feel free to jump right in and go for a swim. Mushy Lake features links to a diverse sampling of environmental, political, and media resources as well as a number of useful tools.

If you've never been to the lake before you may want to get in the water a little bit at a time and get used to it. Start by viewing some Images of Mushy Lake. Next, in order to get yourself oriented, read about Mushy Lake below. 

What is Mushy Lake?

Mushy Lake is both this Virtual Swimmin' Hole and a very tangible body of water located in the woodlands of Northeastern Wisconsin, USA.

Mushy Lake LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation comprising a number of acreage properties in Wisconsin. Mushy Lake LLC utilizes private funds to purchase these properties in a miniscule yet valiant effort to stave off further fragmentation of the North Country.

The Story Behind The Name

One day in 1997, on an exploratory visit to the watery gem, my wife asked one of the former residents - a young English girl - what the lake was like. In her lilting accent she responded, "Oh, it's a beet mooshy". The name stuck like mud to the bottom of one's feet. The lake retains other monikers like Fog Lake and Leo's Lake but in our hearts we will forever know it as Mushy.

Find out more about the word Mushy.

Who Watches Over Mushy Lake

I administer this cyberpond. My name is Richard Aylward. Pleased to meet you.

Additionally, my wife Amy and I like to watch over the geographical Mushy Lake in the morning when it is typically shrouded with fog. Or on a summer night when the frogs play a symphony on Jew's harps.

Why Mushy Lake

Why not? Mushy Lake gives me the opportunity to stay current with my technical skills while providing me with a base from which I can pursue my interests. It also allows me to distribute my music freely over the the internet. And it's a great place to paddle a canoe. If you find something here of interest - wonderful. If not, swim on and have a great day.

The House on The Real Mushy Lake

On the North shore of Mushy Lake rests a deep brown cedar-sided house nestled in 250 acres of a diverse sampling of northern ecosystems. This calico terrain has patches of cedar swamp, pine plantation, prairie, spruce bog, birch forest, marsh, and a small maple sugar bush. A navigable creek winds it's way through the patchwork.


Click on the house to view images and learn about our renewable energy systems.              

More than just a personal Valhalla, the house is an ongoing experiment in renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency. The house is heated with wood using an external wood burning boiler. Water is heated with an on-demand water heater. Insulating window coverings are used in preference to traditional drapes and blinds.  A significant portion of the electrical needs are met by 3KW of installed photovoltaic (solar) generation. Most of the large household appliances were selected based on  energy efficiency. The lighting is primarily low wattage compact fluorescent.

All aspects of outfitting the house with a photovoltaic power system are covered in a presentation I did for a university course in the biological aspects of conservation. A web version of that project can be accessed here.


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